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Invest beautifully. When you’re designing the home you’ve always wanted, choose exquisite, top-of-the-line surfaces in stone, tile and marble. Dan Laughlin and his professional crew, experts in the design and installation of your uniquely-chosen surfaces, bring a craftsman’s precision and permanence to the work. You’ll see the difference — elegantly-finished rooms in your home, personalized with your choice of stone, tile and marble, installed to a standard that lasts a lifetime.
Invest beautifully; enjoy forever.

Dan Laughlin, dba DL Tile Company, is a local, licensed contractor with over 30 years of experience designing and installing interior & exterior surfaces including tile, granite, marble and stone. DL Tile Co. has been serving residential and commercial clients in the Monterey Bay area and Santa Clara valley since 1992. DL Tile’s dedicated crew is professional, friendly, helpful, and highly experienced.

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